Opening Summer 2019



       The Wahlfeld Building 

    My name is Brenda, my husband Scott and I love the historic town

    and community of Havana, Illinois. Come and

    stay at The River Bend Inn, visit Stella Mae's coffee shop,

    and The Cove Center.

    We know you will love it as much as we do.



    Duck Room

    Havana is famous for their ducks, both on the water and at the schools.

    The duck room has two queen beds.

    $100/night for 1-4 occupants

    Fishing Room

    Fishing is one of the favorite pastimes around the area for fishermen/women.

    The Fishing Room has two queen beds and a daybed with a trundle.

    $100/night for 1-4 occupants

    $125/night for 5 -6 occupants

    Native-American Room

    Havana, being next to the Illinois River, has a vast history of Native-Americans living here.

    The Native-American Room has two queen beds.

    $100/night for 1-4 occupants

    River Room

    The water has always been soothing for me.

    Therefore, the River Room is light and flowing in colors of blue and white.

    The River Room has two queen beds and a daybed with a trundle bed.

    $100/night for 1-4 occupants

    $125/night for 5-6 occupants




    A Continental Breakfast will be offered at Stella Mae's coffee shop

    Free Wifi


    Wifi Password Available at the front desk. 



    Rooms are cleaned per visit

    and upon request.

    Cable and Netflix

    50" Smart T.V.



    The Wahlfeld Building
    Iron Plate Detail
    exposing the brick walls
    coffee shop tin ceiling
    Stella Mae's
    tine ceiling details
    The Cove Center
    The Cove Center Artistans


    Places To Go

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    120-1/2 North Plum Street

    Havana, Illinois 62644 USA